Research collaboration with University of Insubria

London, 6 August 2019: EMMAC, the leading European independent medical cannabis company, is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Center of Research in Medical Pharmacology at the Italian University of Insubria, to deliver a long-term research programme on screening of Cannabinoids through an ex vivo/in vitro human immune cells-based platform. The programme aims to investigate mechanisms of action and characterise cannabis-based medicinal products in disease models with a particular focus on the immune system and immunoinflammatory disease. The initial research will focus on multiple sclerosis, and the first stage is estimated to be completed by the last quarter of 2019.

The Center of Research in Medical Pharmacology at the University of Insubria has extensive experience in the characterisation of human adaptive and innate immunity through the use of ex vivo/in vitro experimental models based on human circulating immune cells.

Barbara Pacchetti, Chief Scientific Officer of EMMAC, commented: “EMMAC is pleased to partner with the University of Insubria on a cannabinoid research programme focused across different therapeutic areas. Research provides valuable data and intellectual property in relation to the use of cannabinoids to treat spasticity, inflammation and chronic pain, with an initial focus on multiple sclerosis and continuing the collaboration with further research on various topics including atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events. EMMAC is committed to partnering with world-renowned institutions such as Imperial College London and University of Insubria, to further research to support the growth of the medical cannabis industry.”

Prof. Marco Cosentino, UNINSUBRIA, commented: “The use of cannabinoids derived from the C. sativa plant are established in multiple sclerosis for the treatment of spasticity and chronic pain, however preclinical evidence suggests their potential as modulators of neuroinflammation. Characterisation of their immune effects on human immune responses relevant to multiple sclerosis physiopathology would pave the way to clinical assessment of their immunotherapeutic potential in multiple sclerosis. We strongly hope that the Partnership with EMMAC will speed up the translation of preclinical evidence in human cell-based experimental models towards clinical trials for the benefit of multiple sclerosis patients.”


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The Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology at the University of Insubria is an international leading center in the emerging field of neuroimmune pharmacology, a young but rapidly growing discipline encompassing interdisciplinary research in pharmacology, immunology and neuroscience, with the overarching goal to identify novel therapeutic approaches thanks to the investigations of the neuroimmune network. Basic and clinical research focus on the pathophysiology and therapeutics of major diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis and other immunoinflammatory-based disease. Clinical pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance are included among the interests and approaches of the Center.


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