Medical Cannabis

The medical cannabis industry is one the fastest growing industries in the world

Canada and North America have led the way with progressive deregulation and strong financial support for local companies. In recent times, changes in regulation, public perception and medical support have resulted in a structural shift to a European market with an ever-growing demand for medical cannabis and cannabis-based wellness products.

“We believe that over the next two to three years, medical cannabis will become generally available across Europe.”
Alex Brooks CFA
Analyst at Canaccord

With a population of 743 million and a yearly healthcare spend of €2.3 trillion, Europe has the potential to be the largest and most valuable medical cannabis market in the world. The European Cannabis Report (2018) and the Bank of Montreal Report (2018) suggests that the value of the European market could reach that of €55 billion by 2028, assuming all the relevant infrastructure (market, legislative and social) has been developed.

With supply and distribution partnerships throughout Europe EMMAC is working to establish itself as the European leader in the production and supply of medical cannabis, and derivative products.